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Wartie Advanced

Wartie is easy, fast and effective:

  • Ice cold Precision Metal Tip targets only the wart and not the skin
  • Increased freezing performance with conductive gel
  • Includes conductive gel & protective foam plasters
  • Wartie Advanced is suitable for children from 12 years old.

Wartie Advanced targets stubborn, mature warts & verrucas Increased freezing performance with conductive gel.
  • Extremely easy to use almost twice as fast as other brands.
  • Increased freezing potential* the conductive gel in Wartie Advanced is specifically developed for stubborn mature warts.
  • Protective foam plasters The wart and verruca can be quite sensitive after freezing. The protective foam plasters help to make particularly sensitive skin more comfortable after treatment by relieving pressure on the verruca.

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Where to get

Wortie, wart and verruca remover are available at selected pharmacies in Kuwait

If Wortie, wart and verruca remover is not yet available in your country, please contact our Sales Team at: info@yourhealthq8.com